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Important Information About the Brevard Drop-In Center PDF Print E-mail

Please Check Out
The Drop-in Center at Circles of Care
2000 Commerce Drive
Melbourne FL 32904

Same group helping each other with mental health recovery
located at Circles of Care, with Circles directing the program.

As of December 14, 2015,
this non-profit, 501 c(3) Organization is no longer active
and does not solicit or accept donations

Our Vision
Empowering People to Regain their Lives

The Drop-in Center Mission
To provide a safe environment for people to socialize, communicate and participate in
activities that support the recovery process.
What Happens Here



We are people with psychiatric problems helping each other recover to lead as complete a life as possible.


•• We don’t give out money, medicine, advice, or other professional services.

•• Our peer staff has special training to make sure the Center runs smoothly.

•• Members meet to decide on activities, what work needs to be done, and members volunteer to do it.
No one has to volunteer if they’re not ready or able, or don't want to.

•• Whether you get a check, work, have no income, whatever your beliefs, sexual orientation, color, nationality, culture, back-ground, history, if you have a serious mental health issue and can follow the rules you are welcome and we want to meet you.


At our drop-in center, consumers (people with psychiatric disorders) decide which programs and activities we will have.   We developed the vision, mission, and determined the criteria for membership and services. Circles of Care Administration
assures that we have the support we need, that we stay withing our vision and mission, and assures that the Center operates smoothly.

Research indicates that peer-run organizations can be as effective as formal talk therapy and provider-run programs in helping people stay out of the hospital, out of jail, and in avoiding suicide attempts and completions.   Drop-in Centers DO NOT replace medical and professional treatment for mental illness.

Come Join Us!


The Brevard Drop-In Center at
Circles of Care

2000 Commerce Drive
Melbourne, FL 32904
Please leave message!

Current Hours of Operation:

Monday - 1 to 5 PM
Tuesday - 1 to 5 PM
Wednesday - 1 to 5 PM
Thursday - 1 to 5 PM
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